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The American Crow: Redefining “bird brain”

I’ve never really understood the fear of large black birds that many people report. I’ve been told by those more well-read on the subject of human psychology that we are instinctively afraid of such creatures, archetypes of doom. Something must … Continue reading

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Cackle, cackle said the great-tailed grackle

Upon seeing a large black bird in Houston, my immediate assumption as to its species wouldn’t be a raven, or even a crow. Instead, I would immediately guess great-tailed grackle, or Quiscalus mexicanus, without even having to see it. Just … Continue reading

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Rock Pigeons: Rats with Wings or Thoroughbreds of the Air?

The rock pigeon (Columba livia) is one of the most common sights in cities around America. Toward the end of February, I sat in the shuttle pick-up area of the Orlando International Airport in Florida for what seemed like hours, … Continue reading

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The Amazing Red Shield: A Look at Common Moorhens

I watched the moorhens circulate about on the water surface of a pond at Brazos Bend State Park for quite some time, generally staying in the same place for some minutes and casually swimming to a spot within a few … Continue reading

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The American Crow- The fraternity everyone wants kicked off campus

Author: Christopher Rizk It was a Monday evening as I drove towards a city park in Alabama; as I approached the park I thought my radio signal was getting weaker because there was an annoying and increasing background noise.  The … Continue reading

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The snowy egret- looks can be deceiving

Author: Christopher Rizk It was a Sunday morning at the beautiful Brazos Bend state park, when I heard a deep croaking sound.  Maybe because of the harsh sound and the dreary weather, I sought out the source of the sound … Continue reading

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Don’t Mock the Mockingbird

With a classic lullaby, a best selling book, a chart topping pop song and a university run student publication, the northern mockingbird has sold its name to every corner of the industry. Yet, even with its ubiquity and name recognition, … Continue reading

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