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My name is Ben. I graduated from Raffles Junior College back in 2007. I am a fan of romantic drama films and island getaways in the Mediterranean region. At work, I have a propensity to throw caution to the wind and do random dance moves while listening to the radio. I like that it makes people smile, and that my spontaneity can lift someone's spirits on a long day. I cherish my friendships dearly and for me, nothing beats a day spent fishing and catching up with my best friend.

The male-female fitness disparity of American White Ibis

I just had my first birding trip about a month ago, and I enjoyed it so much. Although I saw many different birds at the park, the first one that I will write about is my favorite among the many … Continue reading

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Red-Tailed Hawk – Sculpted for Success in Predation

Ever since my first birding trip, I began to notice birds whenever I’m walking around. In the past, as I walked across my campus for class, the only birds that I would notice were either big or noisy ones, such … Continue reading

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