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Bald eagle swoops in for the kill – and misses

Currents of shore birds lifted above the Brazoria National Wildlife marshes on a cold February day. Thousands of sandpipers, dowitchers, yellowlegs, stilts, and ducks fled the hunting bald eagle. A blue-winged teal flew across the marsh, now high, then low, … Continue reading

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Red-Tailed Hawk – Sculpted for Success in Predation

Ever since my first birding trip, I began to notice birds whenever I’m walking around. In the past, as I walked across my campus for class, the only birds that I would notice were either big or noisy ones, such … Continue reading

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The Red-Shouldered Hawk: Flames in Flight

Keeeeah, keeeeah, keeeeah. Grabbing my Nikon SLR, I stopped and looked across the fields. There, on top of a nearly leafless tree sat a solitary hawk on a branch about 20 feet up. I could not see him very well … Continue reading

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Does my bird feeder feed Cooper’s hawks?

The paper didn’t go into much detail about what it felt like to be out in the north woods summer after summer, beginning a decade before the current crop of undergraduates were born, braving blackflies and mosquitoes, and the talons of hawks, all to do this study. … DOI: 10.1676/04-103.1 URL: P1293939 High up in the leafless pecan tree sat the Cooper’s hawk. P1293960 With my new 70-300 Olympus lens, and a lot of overexposure, we could see it looking down at my feeder. P1293958 What a lovely bird!

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