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David Sibley brings feminism to birding, speaks on Audubon and Peterson,

He understood the paintings not as scenes from nature, but as compilations of different things the birds might do, in poses as startlingly natural for his time as David’s own females are for our time. … I know authors have to sign books, but I bet David Sibley would have liked to tell us to take the book and get outside, for that is what they are for, a key to nature, best outside. Sibley, Flader Hazlett.jpg Maril Hazlett, Susan Flader, David Sibley, taking questions after their talks. Continue reading

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The yellow-rumped warbler is moving around: on and off the branch

I went to check on my senior thesis project down at the University of Houston Coastal Center, and made sure to bring my binoculars and field notebook to check out some birds, which I was sure would be in the … Continue reading

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Yellow-rumped warbler flock at our backyard pond

The tiny birds shivered up from our backyard pond when I got a little closer to the window, one seemingly taking the place of the other. Then they fled into the neighbor’s yard. They were smaller than the house sparrows … Continue reading

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